Religious Weddings

Music goes along the most touching moments of a religious celebration, and it should be performed by expert and aware professionals. Never understimate its importance , not even for a civil marriage: music is a link to memories and recalls the happiest moments of your life.

Professional musicians are crucial in these happenings, so I often collaborate with my own sister Debora: soprano, violinist and violist player, in order to give a classical touch to the events, lightly brushing the deepest strings of your soul.

Music at the Restaurant

Music at the restaurant means everything to a good wedding, so don’t take your chance with unprofessional musicians. Our experience will satisfy your musical needs, that’s why our professionality always includes:

  • Being at the restaurant on time to set up instruments and be ready for the guests who have to come.
  • Let the newlyweds be the main attraction at the party. We’ll be there at the right time, when guests want to dance and have fun.
  • Have a large repertoire, to make everyone feel comfortable, from elders to youngsters. Background music during the lunch, when people love to chat, and then make everybody dance or make them sing at the karaoke.
  • Give the possibility to use our equipment, whenever guests want to sing, poetry performances, speeches, show videos or make surprises.
  • There are no boundaries to the fun time, except for the Restaurant needs.